Windranger: Force of Nature

Lyralei, or Windranger, survived a storm on the night she was born. However, the rest of her family was not as lucky. It is said that the wind itself noticed Lyralei alone on the grass and the wind lifted her onto someone’s doorstep. As she grew up, the wind would occasionally return and watch as she sharped her skills. Now as a master acher, Lyralei moves as fast as the wind and slaughters her enemies with quick percision.


Uses For Abilities

Shackleshot: This ability stops enemies on their tracks, but only works best if there’s a tree directly behind them.

Powershot: A charged up arrow that deals more damage the longer you charge it. Lyralei is able to harass enemies or get the final shot at someone running away.

Windrun: When in danger, activate this ability and run as far away as you can. Otherwise, use this ability to chase down an enemy.

Focus Fire: This is a great ability for taking towers and getting a quick kill if you have the right items.

Common Items

Phase Boots: This is a must-have item for Lyralei because it combos very well with Windrun.

Blink Dagger: This is a good item to have because it helps Lyralei initiate with Shackleshot and gives her another option for escape.

Daedalus: This item increases damage and is amazing if you’re playing as a carry. Once you pop your ult, the enemy is dead within seconds.

Aghanim’s Scepter: Besides raising Lyralei’s stats, the Scepter reduces Focus Fire’s cooldown and increases the damage output. 

Talent Tree

The Support/Carry

Windranger is one of the more versatile supports because she can start the game off as a support and easily transition into a carry. When playing in pubs, she’s an excellent pick if you’re solo-queuing and your team doesn’t have any supports. Shackleshot is the ability that defines Windranger as a support, but players can pick enemies off with Powershot or Focus Fire. The downside to playing her is that she’s as squishy as most supports, but her speed helps make up for it. Once you get your momentum going as Lyralei, you’re like a force of nature.

For more information about Windranger and her abilities, check out her hero page here.