NiP vs ROCCAT: Pre-game talk

Let’s talk about the teams

Friday is charging up to an electric match between the wildcats and the Ninjas. In a coin flip game between the bottom two teams, who comes out as the victor is anyone’s guess. All we know is that the games are gonna be a wild from start to finish. 

A battle mostly for pride

8 weeks in and ROCCAT and Ninjas in Pyjamas are at the bottom of the scoreboard, 3-6 and 0-10 respectively. Considering their previous performance, a battle between the bottom two could easily turn into an exciting match, as NiP has been showing improvements in their team-play during their latest matches in the Summer Split. 

– I still have a lot of faith in my boys, and at the moment I believe we are still playing more vs ourselves than against another team. We are nowhere near our ceiling as a team, and until promotion the only thing that matters is getting as close to that ceiling as possible, says NiP coach Nicholas ‘NicoThePico’ Korsgård.

Who is the strongest swede?

NicoThePico continues to say that the players to watch out for in this series will, in his opinion, be in the bot lane, the Swedish match-up of NiP Support-player Sprattel vs the ROCCAT marksman Hjärnan. For that reason, we are going to look more at the bot lane match-up, and what we are most likely to see considering the current meta. 

Because of the current tank meta, hyper-carries and marksmen who can shred down tanks are especially prioritized, such as Kogmaw, Twitch, Kalista and Tristana. This is a meta highly preferred by NiP, who so far has played convincingly vs better opponents under the current meta. 

– In the current meta I rate Kalista as the highest priority marksman personally, a lot of other marksmen think Caitlyn is still insanely overpowered and I agree to some extent but personally I just favour Kalista over Caitlyn. Other than that I feel like the marksman role is pretty flexible and you can play almost any ad depending on lane match-ups/team compositions, Martin ‘HeaQ’ Kordmaa, the marksman of Ninjas in Pyjamas explains. When questioned about his upcoming game vs ROCCAT, he said the following:

– For the game vs ROCCAT I think we are going to see mostly playmaking supports and either Caitlyn/Kalista or scaling marksmen if those champions are banned. I feel like both us and the ROCCAT bot lane really like to play CC heavy/playmaking champions in the bot lane but there are some outliers. HeaQ seemed confident that they could match ROCCATs bot lane, saying that as far as laning face goes, he is more than ready to face their marksman, Hjärnan. 

– I think if Sprattel and I can negate the amount of impact ROCCAT bot lane can have then we can pull out the win pretty convincingly.

Diving into the Mid-Lane

Middle lane this season hasn’t really been all that crazy, with tanks dominating the Rift, it will be up to Kim ‘Nagne’ Sang-moon and Felix ‘Betsy’ Edling to cc and shred them down as the fighting starts. With a former KT Rolster Midlaner, and a Midlaner known for being aggressive, it will be interesting to see if a bottom-two match will force out some aggressive moves from the two players. 

– I think Betsy is a good player. He is good at communicating and playing aggressively, while I like to play more for my team. Nagne, the midlane player of NiP, continues to elaborate on his team’s improvements in their latest matches, saying that he has faith in his team and their hard work. 

– I think everyone in my team tries very hard, and at the moment I don’t think there is any team we can lose against. I never went into any matches with the mindset that I could lose, and I always think positively so we will have a good result as a team.