NiP.PUBG Going To Bucharest

We’re happy to announce our accepted invitation to the prestigious PGL PUBG Fall Invitational, a PlayerUnknown’s: Battlegrounds tournament to be held in Bucharest, Romania between October 11th to 14th.

With a newly signed NiP.PUBG team, we’re sure you’re all as eager to see them on LAN as we are. Well, as it turns out you won’t have to wait that long, as PGL handed us an invite to their PUBG Fall Invitational, where we’ll battle it out against 15 other teams for the lion’s share of the $100,000 prize purse.

The organizers ran a similar tournament last spring and according to them, all of the great features such as 16 team-streams + main channel + map stream are making it in to this event as well!

Let’s get that chicken dinner!