NiP & Xtrfy Launch Gaming Headset

Ninjas in Pyjamas and Xtrfy are proud to announce the launch of the H1, a premium-grade esports headset developed by our professional gamers.

In our quest to create the best equipment for competitive gamers in general and our professional players in particular, we’re now introducing a long-awaited addition to our range of gaming products. The H1 headset is developed by our pro players and made for the highest level of esports.

Our headset is finally here and I’m looking forward to start using it. I’m really satisfied with the way it turned out. It’s really comfortable, has great passive noise cancellation and the sound is optimized just the way you want it, with distinct details and well-balanced bass

Patrik 'f0rest' Lindberg Patrik 'f0rest' Lindberg

The H1 is ambitiously designed, using high-end materials and components carefully selected by the players. The headset is equipped with 60 mm neodymium speaker drivers, optimized to better reproduce every detail of the game.

To meet the demands of our pro gamers, we’ve focused on quality all the way. The tech specs are high-end but even more important is how you handle them. We’ve gone through an extensive process of fine-tuning to find the perfect soundscape for the players

Erik Jensen, CTO Xtrfy Erik Jensen, CTO Xtrfy

After a series of appreciated keyboards, mice, mousepads and accessories, the H1 completes our product range and launching this headset is a milestone for us at Xtrfy. We know that this product is long-awaited by both consumers and retailers, and we’re truly excited to finally announce it to the world. The H1 will be released this fall. More information about the headset can be found at the Xtrfy website. According to Joakim Jansson, COO and Vice President, the H1 opens up a new chapter in the history of Xtrfy.

For business related questions, please contact Joakim Jansson, COO and Vice President of Xtrfy: [email protected], +46 768 50 56 70.