Ninjas in Pyjamas To Compete in Paladins Premier League 2019

Paladins Premier League has started rolling out the participating teams for the 2019 season and today we are glad to announce that we are one of those teams.

The action kicks off in March with a total of 8 teams playing on LAN from the Skillshot Media esports studio in North America. Games played exclusively on LAN is one of several changes for the new season, which Hi-Rez has hinted about being the best one yet. It’s exciting times for every Paladins fan out there!

Another significant change for the new season is the moving away from splitting the season into Spring, Summer and Fall phases. Instead, The PPL will now be operating on a season-based format where every match played during the year will help determine a team’s placement for the 2019 Paladins World Championship.

For additional info on changes and format, check out the official Paladins site.

The NiP.Paladins squad is in full preparation for the new season and we are coming into the Paladins Premier League with full force.


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