Ninjas in Pyjamas partners with Panasonic Lumix

Ninjas in Pyjamas not only compete in games and tournaments, we also compete in content creation and visual communication. You’ll often see our teams accompanied by one or several content creators, filming and photographing every moment to bring our fans closer to the action.

Therefore, it’s only natural that we have now partnered up with Panasonic Lumix, a company we consider to be the best provider for camera equipment, enabling us to take our visuals to the next level and giving us an edge in content creation.

People who shoot esport events often struggle with all the different lighting conditions and colors. With the great color science of the Panasonic GH5 your footage will look amazing straight out of camera and by being the first camera to offer internal recording of 4K @10bit, you have so much freedom on how you want your colors to look like. To get the best dynamic range possible, we are shooting in V-Log, a super flat image, containing a high amount of information which you can bring back in post production.

Also, as we spend most of the year travelling, following the Ninjas in Pyjamas pro teams to tournaments around the world, a lightweight set up is super important for us. The GH5 accomplishes just that. And not only is the GH5 great for video, it also acts as a great photo camera. With only one switch you are in Photo Mode and you can take crisp pictures.

We’re extremely glad about this partnership and have several things in the pipeline that we’re eager to share with our fans. Keep your eyes open for more content!