LoL Pre-Game: NiP vs. Fnatic

Thursday, the 10th of August, Ninjas in Pyjamas face Fnatic in their final match of the 2017 EU LCS Summer split. It has been a rocky season, and with promotional tournament guaranteed, the Ninjas have nothing to do but prepare to put up a fight for their spot in the EU LCS.

David and Goliath

It has been a great season if you are a Fnatic fan, and maybe a less great season if you favour Ninjas in Pyjamas. The hope of a miracle run died against Misfits, and now all that is left is to prepare for relegation and a fiery match against Fnatic. It will be a match of David against Goliath, the bottom team facing the giant that is Fnatic. If NiP can slay one giant, maybe they can do the same if they meet Giants in the relegation tournament.

Toplane will be action filled

There is no doubt that Mads ‘Broxah’ Brock-Pedersen and Paul ‘Soaz’ Boyer make an excellent top/jungle duo, so how they will play against the carry-heavy Profit and early-game beast Shook will be an interesting watch.

I think Soaz and I will be completely fine matching up against Profit and Shook. In my eyes we’re the strongest top/jungle duo in Europe at the moment, so I think we’ll be able to win the topside matchup says Mads ´Broxah´ Brock-Pedersen.

The largest difference, is the difference in playstyle between the two toplaners. Broxah thinks this especially, is something they need to look out for when playing against NiP.

Soaz is an all-around guy being able to play both carry and supportive champions, whereas Profit most of the time plays carries. If he does pick a carry, which will probably be the case, there will be a lot of action around top, and here the great synergy I have will Soaz will be a huge help and give us an advantage, the Fnatic jungler says.

The Koreans are our biggest threat

When asked about their biggest threat for the series, Broxah said that the Koreans, Profit and Nagne, are someone they need to watch out for.

Profit likes to play carry champions and try to carry the whole team on his own by splitpushing, while Nagne likes to roam and help out the team. They can both be really scary if they get a lead, so we need to play smart and try to avoid giving them control.

A strong season for Fnatic

There is no doubt that Fnatic has had a strong, and very stable season, fighting for the number one seed versus G2 in their group. Currently they are at the very top of the standings, with consistent play both individually and as a team. According to Broxah, the real eye-opener was Rift Rivals, where afterwards the team decided to pick up a whole new playstyle; a playstyle they have picked up very fast.

Personally I’ve been way more consistent this split than I was in last one, and I’ve gained a lot more confidence as well, so I don’t get as nervous in high pressure situations. Now we just hope that we can end the split well and actually achieve what we’re all aiming for; getting the throne back for Fnatic.

Despite being at the bottom of the standings, the top/jungle duo consisting of Profit and Shook seemed confident in their ability to match the Fnatic duo, pointing to their aggressive playstyle.

I dont know alot about Soaz, but at worlds he performed very well, so I know that he is a good player. I think me and shook are always aggressive, so I dont think we will have any difficulties matching anyone. My only concern is their ad carry, Martin ´Rekkles´ Larsson, since its ad carry meta right now, Profit says.

The NiP Jungler, Ilyas ´Shook´ Hartsema, didnt show much concern either. Saying that he was pretty confident about facing the Fnatic jungler Broxah. I always feel confident jungling against anyone when it comes to individual skill so yeah, Im pretty confident in myself, the jungle player says.

The greatest challenge for the jungler this match, would be to stay disciplined and try not to make any mistakes, to ensure that NiP has a good shot at winning the series.

Relegation thoughts

Ever since the loss to Misfits last week, relegation series have been secured for the NiP roster. This means, that two of the current EU LCS teams will have to face two of the promoting challenger series teams, Giants and Schalke 04.

I dont think anyone in our team worries about relegation, the only thing we need to do is play good. We will have to practice very hard beforehand, since it will be an important match for us, says Kim ´Profit´ Joon-hyung.

NiP jungler, ‘Shook’ chimes in, saying If they play well and don’t fall for the obvious same mistakes they have made in the past, he thinks they will come out ahead of everyone.

Personally I feel very good when it comes to our chances of winning the promotion tournament since we’re just looking better than the other teams participating. I’ve never played a promotional tournament but it doesn’t phase me much, just a few extra series we have to win. Our toughest opponents will end up being ourselves, Shook finishes.