Dennis Returns To The Active Roster

Following the three-week stint at the IEM Katowice Major our player and good friend, Dennis “dennis” Edman, experienced some fatigue due to heavy scheduling and traveling. A mutual decision was made to let Dennis take some time off to reenergize before returning to competitive play. We’re now glad to announce that Dennis has recovered and is ready to come back to the active roster starting immediately.

For the duration of Dennis’s recovery, former NiP team member William “draken” Sundin stepped up to the plate and filled the spot. We would like to thank you for your contribution, William! It’s always a pleasure watching you perform.

The team now reunites with Dennis who is seemingly more motivated than ever to further contribute to the progression of this line-up.

A month of calm and relaxation, which was more than needed, is now over.
I’m so hyped about coming back and it was very hard to watch all the games from home, all I wanted to do was to get back on the server and pop some heads!
However, I believe this will help me and my team to become even better than before I took this break. More majors, better placements and a lot of sick games incoming. You better be ready, ladies & gentlemen!

Dennis dennis Edman Dennis dennis Edman

It feels great to have Dennis back. I’m very thankful that draken could step in on such a short notice. Since we didn’t know for how long Dennis was going to be away we assumed draken was going to at least play until the end of May. Now that Dennis got better much earlier than excepted me and the team are extremely happy to have him back in the starting lineup. Dennis is a player that puts a lot of weight and dirty work on his shoulders, and that was something we had been missing since he stepped down.

Faruk pita Pita Faruk pita Pita

Edman has already resumed his practice with the team and will be joining the rest of the squad at ESL Pro League Finals in the middle of April.