Announcement: The return to Dota 2.

A new year begins, and with new years come resolutions. As we move forward we look to progress further, enter more titles and create more opportunities for Ninjas in Pyjamas and our fans. Our first large expansion of the year sees our return to Dota 2.

A new and exciting venture for NiP into another large title in the esports scene, as Dota 2 is one of the world’s most popular MOBA games. This is not our first venture into the scene, but with a new lineup comes new adventure, new possibilities and new personalities. With that being said, we think you will recognize some of the faces, as we return to the scene with a team filled with great talent, experience and outgoing personalities.

We would first like to welcome Adrian ‘ Era’ Kryeziu back into the NiP family! The 21 year old Swedish Carry has before been a part of the Ninjas in Pyjamas Dota lineup up until late 2015. He first made his name in Heroes of Newerth before moving on to a successful career in Dota 2.

Next up we would like to welcome Max ‘qojqva’ Bröcker! The 21 year old German Midlaner has played in two The Internationals (2014 and 2016) and has before played for Team Liquid and Mousesports amongst others.

The third player we would like to welcome is Kalle ‘Trixi’ Saarinen! The 27 year old Finnish Offlaner is another player who made his start in Heroes of Newerth. He showed impressive versatility in HoN before moving to Dota 2 and has since spent much of his time under the Fnatic banner.

Fourth we would like to welcome Kai ‘H4nn1’ Handbückers! The 27 year old German defines himself as a semi support and is one of the more experienced names in the game, coming from a background of HoN and Dota 1. Another player who spent a large amount of time at Fnatic also appearing at TI 2013.

Finally we would like to welcome Troels ‘syndereN’ Nielsen! Completing our lineup is the 27 year old Danish Support player, who also takes on the team captain role. syndereN is another well known player across the scene with well documented history putting his analytical nature to work in both his playing career and casting. Nielsen has attended TI both as a player and a talent personality in his career so far.

The NiP Dota 2 Team Captain syndereN has this to say about the team becoming part of Ninjas in Pyjamas:

“I am thrilled to join Ninjas in Pyjamas. It is one of the most renowned organizations with a rich history. Playing with such a name is a great opportunity, but also a responsibility; it comes with high expectations and therefore I’m happy to have formed a team of such experienced and proven players with great synergy to deliver. Together with NiP, we plan to become a top contender for the year. We’ve already progressed a lot in our early practice and I only see us improving as the year progresses.“

Hicham Chahine, CEO of Ninjas in Pyjamas has the following to say regarding the team and return to Dota 2:

“2016 was an exciting year for Ninjas in Pyjamas with great developments both in- and out of game. As we enter 2017, we are eager to continue our expansion to further manifest ourselves as a multi-gaming organization competing across several large titles with top tier players and lineups. We are therefore extremely excited to bring the majority of an iconic Dota 2 lineup back together as we announce our return to the scene. We are happy to have five extremely professional, experienced and talented players to share this journey with in order to provide our fans with more great NiP moments and experiences. Welcome Troels, Adrian, Kalle, Max and Kai to the Ninjas in Pyjamas family, we are looking forward to seeing them competing carrying the NiP name and legacy.”