Announcement: Roster change Ninjas in Pyjamas

Twelve months ago we started rebuilding our CS:GO team with the inclusion of draken and REZ last year. The two young talents have developed well since joining Ninjas in Pyjamas and have found recent success in our team. As we continue our quest towards competing at the top and contending for major titles, it is necessary to continue on the path of change. Our goal is to be the best, and we recognize the need of change to get there.

Roster changes are not easy here at Ninjas in Pyjamas, our players have been with us for a long time and built the foundation of what NiP is today. The personal relationships are strong and changing a family member will never be easy, regardless of the reasons for it. Today we are announcing that Richard “Xizt” Landström will be moved to the bench. Richard has been with us since the beginning of the new era of Ninjas in Pyjamas, and words cannot express the gratitude we have towards his contribution as a player and friend. The performances we have seen in the past, and the moments we have shared outside of the game will forever be remembered as we move a true NiP legend to the bench. Thank you for everything, Richard!

Replacing Richard as in-game leader will be Dennis “dennis” Edman. Dennis is an extremely experienced player and we are excited to see what he can bring to our team. Dennis will assume the in-game leader responsibilities, which he has experience with from the past. With dennis on the team, we are expecting not to lose a single pistol round as long as he has the proclaimed title as “The Pistol Master” (!), and to have a changed approach to how we play the game as he starts his work with our new coaching team.

I’m very excited to become the new in-game leader for NiP. It has been some time since I lead a team on this level and of this caliber, but I am ready to give it all I have and to play hearts out with my new team. With the new and the old blood in the team and the large organization behind, I’m positive that we can become what NiP once were, a world dominating CS:GO team. I am super excited about the next step in my career as a player!

Dennis Edman Dennis Edman

We are happy to have completed the signing of Dennis “dennis” Edman. We know Dennis well from before, and the decision was done over the past weekend following a weak performance at cs_summit 2 in Los Angeles. We are happy to have an experienced player filling the shoes of Richard, as our team now consist of a mix of experience and the next generation of players. We are excited to see what Dennis can bring to our team and organization. Benching a player like Richard is one of the toughest decisions I have ever taken, but the well-being of Ninjas in Pyjamas and performance in games comes first as we set off to find new success. Richard, thank you for everything!

Hicham Chahine - CEO NiP Hicham Chahine - CEO NiP

Dennis will be playing for us in the upcoming ESL Pro League matches this week and travel with the team to IEM Katowice in Poland.

It has been agreed to between NiP and RFRSH Entertainment not to comment on the transfer or other contract details.